Go together like, cheese and olives, or dukkah and olive oil or …. well you get the idea!  Imagine the scene, those beautiful hot West Australian summers, a divine sunset and rich, quality olive oil straight from the Blackwood Valley. Life is good.

Rokewood Olives hit the mark with this scene.

Established in 2002, Steve and Janine planted 450 olive trees of mixed varieties for the production of oil and Table Olives. The 80-hectare property has since gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards for its high-quality products.

And the secret? Possibility it’s the location, located on the southern end of the Darling Scarp, with its deep loamy soils, Mediterranean climate and predictable rainfall. Or it could be the magic of the Blackwood River that weaves its way through the valley.

Or it could be that the olives are grown without sprays and chemicals, picked and pressed within 24hrs and processed in a high-quality commercial kitchen onsite.

Earlier this year, we got to see first hand what goes into producing award-winning Olive oils and Olives when Steve and Janine opened up their property for the Balingup Farm to Table Tour and Lunch.

It was a fantastic experience, seeing first hand how olives are farmed, learning about the history of the farm and even some details of what goes into olive judging.

Want some Rokewood Olives. Ask your local delicatessen, the good ones stock Rokewood. Or head over to Newy’s in Kirup where you can buy both the Olives and Olive Oils.

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